MPI 9.8 released

Submitted by Timothy Weber on Wed, 09/19/2018 - 12:16

Version 9.8 of Maciel Prenatal Interpreter is now shipping. New features for this version include:

  • Added more validation checks for unusual but allowable data. Fields with questionable values are tinted pink in the Patients window, with tailorable limits. (#877)
  • You can now copy and paste data out of and into the median regression dialog, in a spreadsheet-compatible format. (#796)
  • Added support weeks to the median regression dialog for medians in weeks 10 and 11 . (#869)

And issues fixed include:

  • Archiving old records from a database can, in some circumstances, change the ordering of the median table, which can result in wrong medians being used. (#871)
  • Fixed the Physician Sample Report wording to distinguish twins from triplets or more. (#876)
  • The tailored setting to require user-customizable IDs to be unique was not enforced. (#878)
  • Fixed clipboard support in the License Request dialog. (#858)
  • Allowed postponing record signing when upgrading a database schema. (#879)
  • Fixed upgrading the database from version 9.2 and before. (#760)
  • Accelerated Send Database. (#885 - in 9.8c)
  • Fixed regression in creating new databases introduced in 9.8b (#888 - in 9.8c)
  • Issues viewing old imported comments (#887) and assigning comments to repeat samples (#886 - in 9.8c)
  • Median calculation doesn’t exclude diabetic patients correctly when selected (#895 - in 9.8d)
  • The spacing is improved in graphs printed on the Physician Sample Report (#884 - in 9.8d)

This version is recommended for all users, particularly if you archive patient records. Contact RMA if you have not already received instructions on downloading.

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