MPI 9.6 released

Submitted by Timothy Weber on Fri, 02/07/2014 - 17:00

Version 9.6 of Maciel Prenatal Interpreter is now shipping. New features for this version include:

  • Supports per-use licensing for customers who require it.
  • Added a “License Request” window to make it easier to collect the information needed to update license credentials.
  • Added automatic import via the Tosoh interface on program startup, if a data file is already available.
  • More data removed while anonymizing a database in order to submit it for support.

And issues fixed include:

  • Error while updating databases from version 9.2 and earlier to the current format.
  • More explanation provided when a sample isn’t allowed to be printed because it’s missing a physician.
  • More explanation provided when a gestational age is entered as a decimal that doesn’t match an integral number of days.
  • The default LIMS output schema, when one wasn’t supplied, didn’t match what was documented.
  • Overflow when regressing medians for hCG with a large number of data points.
  • SLOS risks weren’t bounded, causing extremely high risks to be reported as missing.
  • Crash while creating new patients with a certain combination of tailoring (no editing of patient IDs and no user ID).

This version is recommended for all users of version 9. Contact RMA if you have not already received a CD or instructions on downloading.

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