MPI 9.5 released

Submitted by Timothy Weber on Tue, 06/04/2013 - 15:16

Version 9.5 of Maciel Prenatal Interpreter is now shipping. New features for this version include:

  • An option to fit the entire Physician Sample Report onto one page by decreasing font size automatically if needed. This is controlled by a check box that appears both on the Physician Sample Report dialog and at the top of the Report Preview window.
  • Support for the SURUSS parameters for second-trimester screening, selectable in Utilities > Statistical Parameters.
  • Restored the automatic selection of gestational age method according to options in Section 10 of tailoring, as was done in versions 8 and earlier.
  • Added a tailoring option (Q16b) to not require a physician to be selected in order to mark a sample as “ready to print.” This is particularly useful for labs who do reporting through their LIS, and don’t associate patients with physicians within MPI.
  • Added SLOS risks to the Abnormal Results report.
  • Allow the Turnaround Time report to be run for all physicians, instead of requiring a single physician or institution.
  • On the AFP MoM graph on the Physician Sample Report, moved the horizontal reference line from 2.5 to the specified low limit of elevated ONTD risk for the appropriate race code.
  • Tinted expiration warnings pink on the opening screen when license codes or passwords are within 14 days of expiring, to help prevent surprises.
  • Streamlined the first-time installation process a bit by allowing migration from an old-format database without first creating a new database.

And issues fixed include:

  • When “Physical Exam” was used for the gestational age method, and the gestational age estimate was below 10 weeks, the data entry fields would get stuck with an invalid date.
  • Loss of some interface configuration settings when migrating to version 9 from an earlier version.
  • Importing from RMA-AFP version 6 on Windows 7 or 8 failed when it couldn’t read the diabetic ONTD factor from the old format. Now this is reported so you can fix it, but the import is completed.
  • Incorrect handling of some imported values for tailoring questions Q21h (printing the risk to LIMS) and Q15a (disabling trisomy 18 screening).
  • ONTD risks were shown incorrectly during data entry for very low risks (high odds numbers, above 1:10,000). A typical case would be a risk formerly shown in the Patients dialog as 1:99,000 that should be 1:24,000. Risks shown on the reports are unaffected.
  • The new Morris algorithm for a priori FDS risks wasn’t used in all areas of the program when selected.
  • A crash when pressing Delete with no settings selected in the Statistical Parameters dialog.

This version is recommended for all users of version 9. Contact RMA if you have not already received a CD or instructions on downloading.

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