MPI 9.3 released

Submitted by Timothy Weber on Mon, 03/05/2012 - 10:36

Version 9.3 of Maciel Prenatal Interpreter is now shipping. New features for this version include:

  • Full support for Windows Vista and Windows 7.
  • Support for Smith-Lemli-Optiz Syndrome (SLOS) risk, in Tailoring, Edit Patient, and Physician Sample Reports.
  • Streamlined the validation procedure to run mostly automatically, to save time for those who prefer to run it with every upgrade.
  • Added Copy All button to the Physician Sample Report window, to copy its text to the clipboard for manual export to another system.
  • Streamlined the installer and initial setup.
  • Allow LIMS import from mounted network drives.
  • Added searching for patients by their birth date.

And issues fixed include:

  • Physician Sample Reports weren’t printing an extra copy when a second physician was set.
  • Improved error checking in LIMS import.
  • The Save button in the Patients window didn’t work to save changes made after previewing the Physician Sample Report, and before moving away to another record. It also bypassed some validity checks if pressed using the accelerator (Alt+S).
  • Comments selected to print “before the summary header” in the Physician Sample Report did not print if the summary header was blank.
  • Creating a new race code and copying data from an existing race code misses the low cutoff for hCG.

This version is a recommended upgrade for all users. Contact RMA if you have not already received an upgrade CD and would like one.

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