MPI 9.2 released

Submitted by Timothy Weber on Thu, 07/28/2011 - 15:00

Version 9.2 of Maciel Prenatal Interpreter is now shipping. New features for this version include:

  • A new revision to the LIMS interface, standardizing the input format to a more universally-compatible implementation of the comma-separated value (CSV) format, and improving error checking and reporting during data import.
  • Added a tailoring option to skip the serial transfer step for customers using the Tosoh interface to transfer data via the Windows file system.
  • Improved error checking during patient data entry.
  • Easier import from versions 5 and 6 - weight correction factors and statistical parameter choices are populated automatically.
  • Various small improvements to the user interface.

This release is particularly recommended for current customers who want to connect MPI to their laboratory information system.

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