Maciel Prenatal Interpreter

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Maciel Prenatal Interpreter (MPI) is a software system for identifying fetuses at risk for open neural tube defects (ONTD), Down Syndrome, or trisomy 18 using established methods.

MPI provides a total management system that allows you to do everything quickly and accurately - your way - using your ID numbers, test units and cutoffs. Ours is the system of choice of over 575 prenatal programs, in more than 35 countries, and a dozen state-run US programs for more than twenty years.

Demonstration video

Here’s a demo video showing MPI’s main workflow:

See video


  • Flexible and easy to use, with complete online help and detailed error checking
  • Complete sample accessioning
  • Identifies fetuses at risk for ONTD, Down Syndrome, or trisomy 18 using established methods with your cutoffs
  • Calculates corrected multiples of the median (MoMs) for serum AFP, hCG, uE3, inhibin, and fluid AFP
  • Freely add comments to samples
  • Calculates twin risks, combination race code/diabetic/multiple gestation cutoffs
  • Dated median tables - your past median tables stay on file
  • Gestational age by LMP, physical exam, ultrasound, or EDD
  • Racial median tables - each race can have its own table; no need to use correction factors; old tables stay on file
  • Weight correction for each race code/substance; correction by log-linear or linear-reciprocal
  • Issues interpretive reports with wording fully under your control; graphical report available
  • Print reports to screen, file or paper; save modified reports
  • Offers an extensive menu of reports
  • Interfaces with most Laboratory Information Systems (LIS)
  • Calculates raw and regressed medians based on your patient data for each substance
  • Validation procedure ensures correct operation
  • Multi-level access and password protection for restricting software use
  • Weight correction option; generate/check your own weight correction formula in a report

User Configurable Parameters

  • Weight correction for hCG, uE3, and inhibin-A
  • Weight correction limits
  • Daily or weekly medians
  • Maternal age to the day or completed years
  • Table for age-specific FDS risks or a consensus formula
  • Up to four qualitative levels of AFP MoMs (low, normal, borderline, or elevated)

Sample Accessioning Features

  • Patient demographics include: birth date, maternal weight, race, insulin-dependent diabetic status
  • Gestational age: you choose the calculation method to determine age
  • Sample data: includes date drawn & received, maternal serum or amniotic fluid sample
  • Plus: patient and physicians’s name and address, family history and background, follow-up data

Interface Features

  • Data management interfaces enable test results to be entered automatically
  • Interfaces can automatically correct for diluted MS- hCG and AF-AFP samples
  • LIMS: Laboratory Information Management System - a generic, unidirectional or bi-directional communication for downloading demographics and test requests and uploading results

See also the comparison of features between the versions currently supported, 8 and 9.

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